Genius Umbrellas. Why Brollies And Why Bridget?...

This is the story of when brollies met Bridget and Bridget’s Brollies was born.

Bridget Warburton lives in Cheshire.

So, for all you poor rain-sodden Brits out there this account need go no further. You already know the score. Britain is wet.

Well, actually if we’re being truly honest, Britain is wet and let’s face it, brollies are a way of life (sigh).

And while most of us just put up and shut up (our brollies) - living with the wet umbrella puddle in the car boot, the drips down the sleeves and the limp tangle of metal and flappy material in the corner of the office, Bridget had other ideas.

In 2015, she decided enough was enough. She rolled up her (slightly damp) sleeves and reasoned there must be an alternative to ‘Driperius Fabricus’ – The Common Umbrella.

This was the spark from which BB’s was born. The brief was simple – these brollies must be fabulous. They must be exclusive and they must relieve all weary, wet travelers of their unremarkable umbrellas.

Bridget loves to create and enjoys the excitement of a new challenge. Bridget’s Brollies is going from strength to strength, now showcasing brollies that are upside-down, glowing, lit and even golf specific.

Together with Charise Brookes, her second in command they are storming the market and transforming the lives of sad, saturated folk across the nation.

These are exciting times for umbrella aficionados.
Watch this space...